Worlds most Beautiful Mosques which are Wonderful

The English term "mosque" denotes a Muslim house of worship. The word emerged from the Arabic term masjid, which means "place of prostration." During prayer, Muslims briefly bend and touch their foreheads to the ground as a sign of submission (literally, Islam) to the will of God.

Mosques have been for more than a millennium as places of worship for Muslims all around the world. 

To this day, the beauty and rich past of these sacred places continues to inspire visitors. We list 10 beautiful mosques from all over the world that will take your breath away.

Holy Book Quran

The Quran (sometimes spelled Qur'an or Koran) is regarded as the most prestigious holy book among Muslims. It contains information that is seen in the Hebrew Bible as well as revelations that were given to Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. Most Muslims believe that Muhammad's scribes wrote down his words, which became the Quran

Here are the Beautiful Mosques:

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
Aqsunqur Mosque
Al-Haram Mosque
Al Aqsa Mosque
Hassan II Mosque
Blue Mosque
Ubudiah Mosque
Wazir Khan Mosque
Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

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