Involving your stakeholders in creating your e-safety policy

Your e-safety policy applies to all members of your learning environment, including staff, students/pupils, volunteers, parents/carers, visitors and community users; anyone who has access to and are users of school reviews on writemyessay4me systems and technologies, both in and out of school. All these users will be asked to read, understand and adhere to the policy, so it clearly follows that they should all be included in its creation. Being involved in the creation, evaluation, review and monitoring of the policy shares the responsibility and encourages ownership.

Involvement in policy-making, planning, review and monitoring will lead to more realistic policies and plans, improving their implementation and ultimately making them more effective. Pupils especially are less likely to oppose the policy if they have been given the opportunity to contribute to it. These young people are frequent users of online technologies and may bring with them a wealth of ideas and experience of online situations and behaviours that you may not have considered or even heard of.

In order to be involved in policy making, all stakeholders will need to be informed of the risks involved when using online technologies. In this way, training, CPD and awareness-raising become a natural part of school life and also fulfil your obligations to fully inform your staff and pupils about the risks posed by inappropriate online behaviour. Try to get pupils involved in creating e-safety resources that can be used with their fellow pupils or even parents, sometimes a particularly difficult group to reach. In this way, pupils and parents will better understand that the policy is there to protect them, rather than being a set of rules to obey without knowing the reasoning behind it.

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