Cybersecurity and its Future with AI

Today, organizations pay close attention to their network security. They are aware of the massive impact of every small- to large-scale cyber-attack. To secure this infrastructure, organizations use multiple lines of defense. This multi-layered security system usually starts with the best suitable firewall capable of controlling and filtering out the network traffic. After this layer, the second line of defense consists of antivirus (AV) software. These AV tools scan through the system to find and eliminate malicious codes and files. With these two lines of defense, organizations regularly run backups as a part of a disaster recovery plan.

For now, setting up firewall policies, managing backups, and many such tasks require a professional, but AI will change the traditional approach.

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Organizations will be able to monitor and respond to security incidents by using advanced tools.
The next-generation firewalls will have in-built machine learning technology that could find a pattern in network packets and block them automatically if flagged as a threat.
Predictably, the natural language capabilities of AI will be used to understand the origination of cyber-attacks. This theory can be put into practice by scanning data across the internet.


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